Wakayama’s Blessings of Water “Tonda no Mizu” and “Ruriko Yakushi Reisen


This time I’d like to introduce you to water from Wakayama, the hometown of the manager, unicle!

“Tonda no Mizu” is a mineral water in Wakayama Prefecture.

“Tonda no Mizu” is pumped and sold by Nanki Shirahama Tonda no Mizu Co., Ltd. deep in the mountains of Shirahama-cho, Tanabe City.

It has won the Monde Selection Gold Award for 10 consecutive years.

When rice is cooked with this water, it becomes delicious rice with a natural sweetness.

Deeper in the mountains, there is a spring water called “Ruriko Yakushi Reisen” that has been drunk since ancient times for its efficacy in treating stomach and skin diseases.

You can drink the water for free at the Ruriko Yakushi Reisen.

The water tastes like iron, but it seems to be good for your health.

If you are visiting Wakayama Prefecture, please visit this place.




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